The question is asked often, what is the difference between a Fire District and a Fire Department? A fire district is a political subdivision of the State of Missouri and is organized in accordance with Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 321. A fire district has it's own elected Board of Directors who oversees all operations of the district. These Board Members are elected by the citizens of the Hillsboro Fire Protection District. The fire district has its own funding source typically through a tax levy on real estate, personnel property, and sometimes a sales tax. The Board of Directors typically hires a Fire Chief to oversee all operational aspects of the fire district. The Chief reports to the Board of Directors. A fire district has its boundaries set up through the State of Missouri. A Fire Department is typically established and overseen by a incorporated city. The Fire Department is a department or division of the city, just like the police department or public works department. The Fire Department's boundaries fall in line with the city's boundaries. Typically the city council hires the Fire Chief. A city administrator might oversee the fire chief.
The Hillsboro Fire Protection District is currently overseen by a three member Board of Directors. Our Board Members serve staggered terms and there is a Director up for election every 2 years. All of our Board Members live in the community they represent and all our citizens get the opportunity to vote for their Board Members. Our Current Board of Directors are:
   Donald Brown - Board President
   Matthew Woods - Board Treasurer

Our Board of Directors Meet once a month on the second Wednesday of each month at Hillsboro Fire Protection District Station One at 7p.m. Our Board Members graciously serve their community of Hillsboro for no pay.
The Hillsboro Fire District
The Management of the Hillsboro Fire Protection District strives for transparency. We want our tax payers to know where their money is going and how it is being spent. We are more than happy to discuss any questions our taxpayers may have. Here are a few facts:

For the Fiscal Year 2017 (Jan. 1, 2017 through Dec. 31, 2017) the Hillsboro Fire District's tax rate is $0.6415 per $100.00 of assessed valuation. This typically cost a homeowner of a $150,000.00 house $183.00 a year or 50 cents a day.

Recently the Hillsboro Fire District had a sales tax levy passed which will eventually lower your tax rate in 2018!

Our current budget for FY2016 is $1,054,980. This money goes to maintain 9 pieces of apparatus, 2 engine houses, 9 full time paid firefighters, and 25 volunteer firefighters. Our budget will drop in 2018, when we roll our property tax rate back to account for the sales tax. Check out the link to view our FY 2017 budget

2016-2020 Strategic Management Plan
Fire District Financial Information
What is a Fire District?
FY 2017 Proposed Budget
Hillsboro Fire Protection District
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Serving you community since 1949
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